DFW Sniper Pest Control is ready and waiting to take care of any pests that may be invading your home’s interior or exterior. We only work with reliable, high performance equipment and supplies. We create unique plans for all of our clients, because not all pest problems are created equal!

Our pest elimination coordinator will sit down with you (either in person or via telephone, whichever you prefer) to determine what your specific wants and needs are regarding pest control. Our team will then make a scheduled visit to your home to assess what you’ve described and to solidify our plan of attack.

Fort Worth Pest Control1Sometimes, our teams arrive to a location only to discover that there is in fact more than one pest problem occurring at the same time. If this happens, have no fear that we can take care of any and all unwanted critters, and we will address any pests that happen to be taking up residence at your home.

We make it our priority to come through on our promises to our customers. In fact, our services are all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you discover that you are still having pest issues after our visit or in between our maintenance visits, simply call us and we’ll be out to your home in no time flat. And no, we will not charge you anything extra if we have to come back or if we have to make a trip to your home in between maintenance visits. We guarantee our work, and if we have to come back, you won’t pay extra!

While we will gladly take care of your home or business on a one time basis, we also offer regular maintenance packages that will give you peace of mind that your pests will not return. Whether you schedule a visit from us every month or on a quarterly basis, you’ll also have the benefit of knowing that if anything should come up in between visits – we will happily take care of the issue.

Regular pest control maintenance is a good idea for anyone who has had unwanted critters in their home or business in the past. If they got in once, they’re likely to come back. Once the current treatment wears off, you’ll have the same problem all over again, and many of these pests can cause significant damage to a property.

However, if you’re working with DFW Sniper Pest Control, your pest problems will be a thing of the past. By scheduling our regular visits, you’ll be protecting the stability of your home’s structure. You’ll also be protecting yourself and your family from what could be a very toxic DIY project.

In the end, you’ll also find that the money spent on a pest maintenance plan here in the Fort Worth and Arlington area is money well spent. You’ll save yourself a large chunk of money because you’ll be avoiding the damage that termites or other pests can cause. Our team will plan your scheduled visits so that the pests are never to be seen again.